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Beginning a Career in Massage Therapy in Melbourne

Taking a career in massage therapy is one of the most enjoyable things out there. You are able to help people in a very meaningful and personal way that offers physical and psychological relief, not just for the person you are helping, but also for you. With massage therapy, you will be able to express very positive human values which also contribute to your own emotional well-being. Many massage therapists agree that their work is professionally and personally rewarding. However, to perform at the highest levels and in order for you to get great jobs, you need to take professional and certified massage therapy courses in Melbourne which will make you a very competitive person.

Massage therapy is increasingly becoming a preferred career opportunity. It is especially important in the health as well as the wellness professions in various kinds of settings. In the recent years, the number of the therapists has increased considerably in Australia. There are various institutions where you can undertake professional massage therapy courses in Melbourne and prepare yourself for a life of work, but you need to first take your time to consider where you will get the best career grounding and opportunity.

The beauty of massage therapy is that there is no standard practice. You will have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to this practice in terms of the work and opportunities available, independence, hours and even choice of locations. As a massage therapist, you can choose to work either full time or part time. The job generally has physical demands so a full-time massage therapist job does not necessarily mean the 40-hour work week. Instead, actual massage therapies could even entail less than 20 hours of work per week. Apart from performing the actual massage, the therapists will also be involved in various other tasks such as scheduling, housekeeping, billing and even marketing. The income levels of the massage therapists will generally vary based on a number of factors such as the experience, territory amongst other factors.

Work Settings

Once you have completed your massage therapy courses in Melbourne, there is a great variety of settings as well as locations where you could apply your therapist skills. Some of the common locations where therapists can include the following:

  • Wellness centres as well as hospitals
  • Chiropractic centres
  • Resorts and spas
  • Salons
  • Clinics and offices of physicians
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Sports  teams as well as events
  • Fitness centers
  • Health clubs

In order to set up yourself up for a successful career as a massage therapist, you need to first gain a solid foundation through proper training.

In Melbourne, you can get quality massage training at Sage that is nationally recognized and respected. That institution has built a reputation for excellence when it comes to the provision of top quality courses.  The massage courses offered here have been developed by top industry experts who will impart invaluable knowledge as well as skills on how to be a competent massage therapist.

The coursework includes a blend of classroom therapy as well as practical courses. The massage therapy courses in Melbourne will offer you the tools that you need in order to get a good start in the industry and land yourself well-paying jobs. Along with the courses, you will also be able to gain several massage therapy certifications such as a Diploma of Remedial Massage and Certificate in Massage Therapy Courses. You can see more at

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